Thursday, July 25, 2013

Laodicea, Turkey - Church Restored, ready for you to worship there

The main street in Laodicea - Colossae was 10 miles away
Laodicea ! That rich city - amazing place - huge - possibly the largest ruins in Turkey.

Check out the baptistery in Laodicea that is 1,500 years old. The present city of Denizli (ancient Laodicea), is undertaking the reconstruction of the ancient city and it's well worth a visit if you go to Turkey. I've had the privilege of visiting there 20 times between 1995 and 2011. Each visit showed the amazing progress in the archaeological digs.

Soon you can go into this reconstructed Byzantine Church, built between 560-590 AD. The photos here (1 - 7) take you inside the building. Photos 7 - 10 show an ancient Byzantine Basilica Church, built on the ruins of a previous government building. Photos 11-17 show articles dating back 5-7,000 years.  (Click on the "Here" for the web site to see 17 photos from Laodicea- published this week in Hurriyet Daily News - Istanbul.)

Archaeologists reconstruct the Temple of Apollo
Oh, one more thing: My fifth novel on the Seven Churches of the Revelation is called "Rich Me!" and it takes place at the end of the First Century AD. (I hope to publish it a few years later.) It's a story that hangs on the previous four novels in a series of seven novels called The Agonizing Hallelujah.

The first novel in this series of seven novels is called "Through the Fire" - takes place in Pergamum, around the central figure of Antipas. I hope to publish it two years down the line.

I'm looking for half a dozen early readers and also for an artist for the front and back covers. The manuscript is edited, but now I hope to find a half a dozen people to give a critical read for the book.


  1. Oh - I see you are from Toronto. Hi.

    Why do you think God wanted John to send Revelation (the book) to these seven churches?