Monday, January 28, 2013

Can prayer change church planting in Toronto?

Prayer brings breakthrough. In 2 Samuel 5:20, David defeated them there. And he said, "The Lord has burst through my enemies before me like a bursting flood."
In August, 2012 church planters discovered that the City of Toronto had presented a new by-law that is effectively removing all zoning for new churches, only allowing permits in very expensive commercial zones, in less than 2% of the city.  They called people to pray and God has heard the prayers.
Yesterday the City Planning Department issued a notice with a new draft zoning proposal allowing places of worship in over 80% of the city, including most residential and commercial zones plus office-industrial areas, from 2% to 80%, Praise God.

Note: this information came from Rev. McVetty and others who have made presentations to the Toronto City Council.

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