Monday, December 16, 2013

What it Costs Children and Teens in South East Asia to Follow Jesus

The L. church might have been better off postponing their baptismal service to this week to take advantage of the  beautiful weather. As it was, it rained lightly during the service last week in which seven were baptized, mostly young people.
One of the adults was born deformed at birth with one leg largely missing but is able to hobble around standing about waist high when fully erect. She has been attending the services for over a year.

A group of youngsters— twenty one children in attendance. A few of them have been attending the A. church . There is a major problem since as soon as they are able the parents want them to work. So as a fifteen year old or even a fourteen year old they may no longer be able to go to school, but for example, may be forced to work in a restaurant seven days a week, often at less than minimum wage. One such girl manages to get off on Saturday to attend a Bible session—the only time off she has during the week.
Legally they are supposed to be able to go to school until age twenty or twenty one but obviously such laws are not enforced. Please pray for these children, mostly girls, that they will continue to be able to get spiritual nourishment as they grow older and grow in their knowledge of the Lord. A couple years back one student who wanted to go to Bible school was forced to get married at age fifteen and go to work to help ease the family's financial burden.  In the experience of one adult, it was years after she became a Christian that she really started to grow in the Christian faith.

When the ten nations in this region begin to co-operate in 2015, they will be using English as a common language. Some of these countries are behind a number of the other nations in its English skills. Since some of the countires that are to form the union are already scrapping, it will be interesting to see what takes place.

(Note: this news was edited before being posted.)

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