Saturday, February 1, 2014

Paul in Philippi - Part 1 - 56 photos to explain Paul's Sharing of the Gospel in Europe

Philippi, which Paul visited at the beginning of his journey into Europe, was a strategic city. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of retired soldiers walked through its massive market place.

Paul couldn't find a synagogue, as he usually did when he started to preach, so he went to a creek that runs through the city. Lydia was one of several women who met for prayer. The significance of this site is profound: it was the first place in Europe where people - women in this case, folks - accepted the Gospel. Before long, the city was in an uproar because of the power of the Gospel. Read More

(Many people arrive
from all over the world between May and October to be baptized at the same place where Paul met with those women. The photo shows how the creek has been diverted to provide a place where believers can be baptized, supposedly in the same place where Lydia proclaimed her faith. Behind the small green "island" the water runs too quickly for a safe dip beneath the waters!)

Close by is a restored theater in which plays are performed during the summer months. (See photo).

This is an invitation for you to take a quick tour of Philippi and it's importance to the Gospel in Europe.

These 56 photos may be used in any way - for personal use, in small groups, or for teaching. Photos are free to be used - no charge.
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