Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Spread of Orthodox Christianity - 50 photos

Orthodox church in down-town Thessalonica, Greece
The Orthodox churches make up the second largest group of Christians, after the Roman Catholic Church.

This group of churches has confronted Islam for about 1,400 years, suffering immeasurably. in the process. As fewer Christians face the unrest and declining standards of human rights in the Middle East, an increasing degree of respect is being given by Roman Catholics and Protestants to the tenacity and faithfulness of the many varieties of Orthodox Christians. (I am not including Coptic believers, or the ancient churches in Iraq, Iran and India in this short survey.)

Outside of  Orthodox churches, their "religious culture" is often not well understood. For Orthodox believers, the "church building" is a reflection of spiritual values, with a portrait of Jesus - the Creator and Redeemer - painted on the ceiling, the one who reflects God, who is the unseen Father.

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