Monday, September 1, 2014

"Islam is Canadian and Canada is Islam" - Delic - A Bosnian Canadian Imam

Delic is no stranger to criticism. Having been shunned by the Canadian government, he has written a new book that attempts to reform Islam in Canada.

Delic writies, " When I look into the so-called Muslim world, nothing is there. Countries that claim to serve Allah as a rule lack honesty, decency, integrity, good management. But in Canada a Muslim is free to live his faith fully, not as some crooked sheikh believes his distant ancestors did, but as the modern Muslim knows he should.

"Islam is Canadian, and Canada is Muslim", he said. “One only complements the other. There is no contradiction.”

This is the thesis of his new book, Canadian Islam: Belonging and Loyalty, which is published at yet another crisis moment for the ancient global faith.

Once it was 9/11 and the resulting panic, much of it justified, over terrorism and the broader fears of extremist preachers advocating domestic attacks."

The quotation above comes from the National Post and the whole article can be read here.

Zijad Delic sees himself as a reformer of Islam, not a "radical", and his writings are going to cause a lot of confusion, and people going down an erroneous path of error, if they don't understand the fundamental nature of Islam.

Some major errors exist in Delic's line of thinking. 1) He is not willing to suggest changes to any of the internal teachings / doctrine of Islam; 2) He trys the substitute the "Five Pillars of Islam" with "The Four Pillars of Canadian culture"; 3) He downplays the aspect of Islam that calls perhaps 5% of the followers of this religion to follow the radical / militant / lead of terrorism. 4) Canadian culture is built upon more than four centuries of Judeo / Christian thought constantly intersecting with secularist thought, resulting in our present system of laws based upon the "Charter of Human Rights"; 5) The legal and social position of women in the home and Canadian society is one of equality, whereas in Islam the role of women must be revised, which would go against the Quran.


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