Friday, November 14, 2014

As Fall colors blaze out their glorious Display

By Pearl (Phillips) Thomas
Stunningly beautiful!!  Nothing like it , as the colors blaze out their glorious display!  
A brief moment of glory shown only by the flora of all regions, but the memories can
Be locked into the depths of our beings
To be accessed at any time or place, to warm the heart, and cheer the soul 
In the long, dark, dismal, colourless and cold
Days and nights of the winter ahead.
 Such a brief space of time to silently offer their best
To eyes that will to see
To hearts that will to cherish.
Golden trees today, letting their gold fall at the feet of travellers
Barren trees tomorrow;  silently, stoically making bare their limbs
Assured of the memories of the forward March of the Seasons
That even as it was, it will be now, and forever.
Trees that are silent in every season, -tree-like knowledge internalized
Within their branches and trunks. 
Bearing up bravely during the massive storms they must endure
Storing up strength, and great beauty within the tree-like soul
Preparing for the next season's display.
First of new birth, of leafy waving greens,
Concealing the secrets that will be displayed
When the bitter cold blasts their inner beings.

And the trees loving, peace-making responses 
To rise to the occasion of their highest calling
To once more show forth their splendours;
Calling out their art form in silent, gentle strains to all travellers passing by 
Who will to look, see,
Capture the moments of beauty on display.
For such a brief moment of time.
Truly, time is golden!  Silence too, is golden here!
I take up the challenge to love, and appreciate,
 To honour nature's beauties, hiding the treasures
Deep within my own heart and soul
For all the cold, bare winters' days ahead.
A  briefly known Beauty, -
Yielding everlasting joyful, golden memories for my heart's delight.
Gold! Hidden in plain sight!
Treasures to be had by all who will!

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