Sunday, April 12, 2015

"The Crisis with Isis" The Reasons behind this violence...Seven ways to confront Radicalism.

Jay Smith, having devoted his life to understanding radical Islam, presents a one hour summary of the persons, philosophy, reasons and nature of the rise of Isis. His constant guide is the Koran and the man, Mohammed, who together weave a seamless concept of radicalism that involves brute strength and violence.

Who are the leaders behind this form of Islam?
Why can governments not do anything about it?
Why are Yazadi women sold as slaves, but not Christian women or Jewish women?
Why was the Jordanian pilot burned?
Why did ISIS chose one particular city as their capital?
A list of 139 verses in the Koran about using the sword (force, battle, cutting off heads).

And why are Christians the only ones who can effectively present an alternative to radical Muslims?

The video is found here.

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