Friday, September 18, 2015

"Women's hair-styles: the same today as 2000 years ago" Daily News - from Istanbul

Archaeological studies in many places have turned up statues of women and one is fascinated by the care taken in getting the hair just right.

2,000 years ago, women back-combed their hair, did it up in buns, curled it and alternatively, put it in a braid, or wore it straight. Many more exotic fashions involved diadems, tiaras or combs.

Some things haven't changed much in two millennia.

Some of the techniques used in sculpturing are displayed in the Antalya Museum, one of the almost unknown gems in Turkey.

The best display of sculptures comes from the nearby city of Perge, (or Perga) where Paul visited and preached. It is one of my favorites. The stunning detail captured centuries ago in dozens of statues illustrates the care taken by artists at that time.

Turkish museum staff have been very helpful in letting me take photos, which are helping me in get the details right in the seven novels I'm writing - on the Seven Churches of the Revelation.

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