Thursday, December 27, 2012

What's the Best Christmas Story Movie Ever Made? - David

We've seen a lot of Christmas movies in our home over the years. The best one we've seen is called, "The Nativity Story". We watched it for the second time this year, spending part of Christmas Day to once again be moved by the narative of the Incarnation.

Mary is played by Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Joseph is played by Oscar Isaac. This 2007 depiction of Nazareth, Persia, Jerusalem, Bethlehem scenes are the best representation of the Middle East yet. The cruelty and violence of Roman soldiers towards the humble people of the land, especially on issues of taxation, stir the emotions to the limit. Herod is cruel beyond measure. The Magi provide a little bit of comic relief.

Bil Zwecker of Chicago Sun Times says its a "wonderful film". WMYD-TV broadcast it and stated "its a family feature to be treasured for years." - If you see it on sale after Christmas, get it quick!!!

If you want the cutest current Children's video find it here:

Tell us what's your best movie about Christmas!

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