Thursday, October 24, 2013

Looking for Christian Stories in the Media?

A good source of current events from a Christian point of view is found at

For example - here are two stories :

Gloom besets an ancient monastery as its tourist bonanza evaporates
The Muslim protectors of St. Catherine’s are left destitute by the chaos of Egypt’s wars.
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Catholic traditionalists used to be able to refute progressives by quoting the two previous popes, who were both doctrinal conservatives and top-down Roman centralists. Their defenders only had to point out that every pontiff, as earthly head of the church, must be honored and obeyed whether you agreed with him or not. Roma locuta, causa finita.*

Now it’s their turn for chagrin, because the new pope, Francis, is almost the opposite – he is largely uninterested in doctrine, and he is also, it now emerges, radically decentralist. RC conservatives simply don’t know what to make of him – but by their own argument they just have to suck it up and smile. He’s the pope. More  Here

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