Wednesday, October 16, 2013

With Love to China

Much news coming from South Eastern Asia cannot be communicated to the world.
Here is one set of activities from a humble group of people living where it costs a lot to serve the Lord.
Pastor S is busy ministering in B,  M has spent the week plastering the walls of the small building. It's being prepared for leadership training in a couple weeks and they want to get most of the work done before then.

On Saturday's a small Bible club takes place, starting with . She is starting with the life of David. Previously went well; children had questions and a good discussion following the story. According to O, a number of the kids are secret believers, afraid to openly confess Christ because of family pressure.

J accompanies young people for a song. He is definitely growing in his music though he does miss lessons frequently because of an intense schedule as a pastor. He is already very talented, playing guitar and a history of singing in night clubs before he was saved.
Pray new believers would not give in to fear but have strength to obey and confess openly.

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