Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas - Examining Dates and Events Through Math and Astronomy

 A doorway in Bethlehem
The emphasis of this blog usually focuses on mission and the effects of the Good News on people's lives. A.S. Haley is a remarkable lawyer who has dipped deeply into mathematics and the astronomy of the skies about 2,000 years ago. A series of blogs written by Haley is worth noting with a bookmark. You'll want to read his careful analysis of the events and may want to use them in conversations with persons who say, "I don't believe that story about Jesus. - It can't possibly be true."

The Nativity and the Star of Bethlehem

When Herod Ruled

The Star of Bethlehem and the  Nativity

Other evidence for the Date of the Nativity

Dating the Nativity - New Considerations

Using the Bible to Date the Nativity

On the Last Supper and the Crucifixion

Dating the Last Supper and Crucifixion

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