Sunday, January 12, 2014

Discovering that no one has to go through a priest or teacher

The following comes from a close friend who has had more than dozens of similar experiences - Turkish men and women coming to meet Christ.

ZEYNEP is named after one of Mohammad's many many wives, but she is far from being a Sunni Muslim.  She is from an Alevi or Alawite sect.  She should be nicknamed "uninhibited."  We met her singing in English "Eye of the Tiger," yet she she knows no English.  We cried from laughter.

 Her extended family lives within "rock throwing distance" of the very port where the Apostle Paul set sail on his first missionary journey.   Nevertheless, no one here knows why Jesus was crucified.  Her Mom accepted The Lord Jesus months earlier.

On our second visit to their home we had an extended Bible study, 5 hours, where so many questions were dealt with as prompted by God's Spirit.  When we started to leave before it became darker and more dangerous to drive, ZEYNEP came out
to the vehicle to tell me to inform the volunteer team that none of them had to go through a priest or preacher since Jesus was our Mediator.

She reiterated over and over how wonderful it is that we can directly approach God through The Savior and bring everything to Him as we offer ourselves.

"Please tell them!," she said.  We left smiling because we knew she had been reading Mom's Bible, particularly Hebrews.

She now has every Christian book, pamphlet, music, and film that is available in Turkish/Arabic. She is a brand new born again believer and is telling others immediately about the Good News and even informing us about the "revelation" she has been reading.

You see, all she had ever heard concerned Christian religion, denominations, church tradition, religious men, holidays, ceremonies, marriages, dedications, and ethnic beliefs/superstitions.  May all of  us be uninhibited when it comes to speaking of what Jesus has accomplished.  This is the greatest News in the entire world!  Second to none!  

Tell someone today why Jesus had to die!

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