Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not easy to be a Christian in Laos

It's not easy to be a follower of Christ in Laos.

I met one man who spent a mandatory year in jail just because he became a believer.

Training of new believers to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, or to be future leaders is difficult.

Some seek these opportunities by crossing the border into Thailand. However, the government in Laos view groups going to Thailand with suspicion. Some families are able to cross and stay with churches in Thailand for a longer period of time, getting training that will make a difference in their lives and families, their communities and their language groups.

Additional problems include the following: Many persons belonging to the Lahu language community are almost illiterate. Learning is slow and difficult.

One young man was told to stop preaching or he would be killed. He took off his shirt and said, "I'm ready to die. Kill me now." His boldness astounded the men who were trying to stop the Gospel coming into their village. Others have not been so fortunate. Many are in prison, and some have lost jobs, families and property. Not a few have lost their lives.

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