Friday, March 21, 2014

Paul in Thesssalonica - 35 photos

Paul's visit to Thessalonica was one of monumental implications. Like his previous visit to Philippi, perhaps realized only two or three weeks previously, he was received well at first and then a furious back-lash took place. His life was in danger.

Later, of course, he was to write some of the warmest possible words to the new believers in Thessalonica. His care for them was 'like that of a nurse and a child'. He hadn't finished teaching them all he wanted to, so he wrote them once, and then again.

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If you visit Thessalonica today, be prepared to be disappointed, though. You will see very little of the "historical stuff" you came to see! There are only a few bits of the ancient walls. Most of the historical center of the city was burned during World War II, which was brutally difficult on Greece as the Nazi army destroyed much of ancient value.

The city has a strong connection with both the historical Ottoman Empire, which may at first seem strange to some. If you look much closer, (and you'll really have to dig deep for this) you'll find that there is a strong Jewish element in the city.

Dig deeper still and learn about the "Converted Jews", a very painful period suffered by Jews under the Ottoman Turks who had to leave Izmir (Smyrna).

The presence of the Greek Orthodox Church is strong: try to get someone to explain the theology that is presented in the worship of the Greek Church. These are aspects that we in North America are not often familiar with.

Along the water's edge you'll find the "White Tower" and an amazing statue, that of "Alexander the Great." Read up about him before you make a trip to Greece or to the Middle East.

These photos and explanations may be used personally, in small groups or larger ones as well.

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