Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paul in Athens - Part 2 - 47 photos with explanations

The impact of Paul's preaching in Athens was initially unnoticed by the general population, but today the place of the Christian church in Greece is profound. Orthodox churches form the second largest group within "Christendom".

Athens was the center of Greek culture, philosophy and history. The city considered itself to uphold the best of Greek values.

A thousand years of tradition had spread Greek ideas to every corner of the Roman Empire.  We speak of a Greco-Roman culture when we come to the pages of the New Testament.

Read here - find 47 photos and explanations in a quick visit to Athens

Paul was wise enough to know his message would cause loud objections for it against the traditions of Athens. He found a unique way to introduce his beliefs to these very clever men.

At some point in the past, a sculpture had been placed in a prominent place. It led people to think about a 'god that as yet had no name'. This was curious and people must have wondered who the "unknown god" was.  Every god in the pantheon had its own name and specific powers, or realm of control.

The apostle spoke of an "unknown god" and used this unique statue to teach about the Almighty, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus.


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