Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why Muslims are becoming the Best Evangelists - part 8 in a series on God's Kingdom

If CNN dared to publish this, or any other TV channel, they'd declare, "Developing Story!"

Muslim Background Believers are becoming the best evangelists in the Muslim world.

This video, made in Denver, Colorado, shows what God is doing in raising up Muslim Background Believers (MBB's) as an incredible force for evangelism. Not the story line, the tight logic, amazing passion, God's personal intervention through Video here
dreams and visions and Nabeel's willingness to count the cost of accepting Christ in this amazing presentation:

When you click on this Christianity Today story (there are five electronic pages to go through) if you want to get this story - something you may not have heard in the regular secular news. I don't have to suggest why the appearance of MBB evangelists for Christ is left out of the "news".

Read an incredible story here

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