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Paul in Corinth - 58 photos in a photo essay

The location of Corinth beside the Bay of Corinth
When Paul visited Corinth, he entered one of the most complex societies of the ancient world. The message he brought was going to shake the understanding of both Jews and Gentiles, leading them to a whole new way of thinking.

The two letters Paul wrote to the church in Corinth (he wrote three, or four letters, but we read two of them in our Bibles) enter into specific issues relating to the Body of Christ, Resurrection, Christians going to court against each other, marriage, sexuality, gifts of the Holy Spirit and other issues in a unique way.

The Water Fountain was at the center of the city
Not only did the geographical location of Corinth and the cultural life of the city impact the church; customs clashed there. Eastern and Western Mediterranean ways of life came together with surprizing results.

The location of Paul's appearance before the city's magistrates is there for every visitor.

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One interesting factor is that a Biblical reference to the governor of the region coincides precisely with the archeological evidence, giving us an exact date for Paul's trips.

Sensuality and temple prostitution was openly practised. On top of the mountain close by (you can climb it , but give yourself two hours to get up to the top) was a temple dedicated to the goddess of love, with 2,000 "sacred" prostitutes.

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