Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Will these 14 predictions for American Churches come true?

Thom Rainer has stuck his neck out - way out, and on the basis of his research, and that of others, is predicting several trends in American churches.

See how many of these you agree with and how many you disagree with. If you want the whole article, click here

1. Larger churches will acquire smaller ones as the cost of keeping small churches going meets the ceiling of giving in older congregations.
2. Denominational structures will become smaller as declining giving comes from shrinking churches.
3. Many new members will be transferring in from other churches, not coming from evangelism.
4. The trend will be towards more mega-churches.
5. Worship styles will become more, not less, unified.
6. High-expectation churches, where members are asked to make significant contributions to the work of the congregation, will become more numerous.
7.. It will become more difficult for churches to build and acquire land.
8. More large churches will function as mini-denominations, with multiple locations and their own missions programs and literature.
9. Worship centers will be smaller, as people seek greater intimacy in church life.
10. Small groups will become more significant.
11. Pastors will stay at their churches longer.
12. Local churches will increase their role in training ministers.
13. Church members will find new ways to take their faith to their community
14. Churches will have more communicators on their staffs.

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