Sunday, November 29, 2015

"A 5,000 year old underground city discovered in Cappadocia, Turkey" Turkish Daily News

Cappadocia, in Central Turkey is known internationally for its underground cities. Some of them were able to house 35,000 people for several months at a time.

An estimated 400 larger and small cities have been discovered over the past 100 years, but a recent discovery in Nevsehir has archeologists and historians more excited than normal.

Tourists to this Cappadocia region find it to be mysteriously beautiful. Christian historians find its charm in the multitude of cave churches carved into the soft white stone. Balloon enthusiasts take early morning rides above the silent landscape, returning with thousands of photos.

The careful study of the ruins indicates that the inhabitants lived permanently in the underground city. This was not indicated in previous research in the other underground cities, so Hasan Unver, the mayor of Nevsehir is certain that this new discovery will rewrite history.

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15 photos of this "new (ancient) city here.

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