Monday, November 2, 2015

Why ISIS is Islam's worst nighmare in 1,400 years

A street in Downtown Beirut
At the present time, there are five simultaneous wars going on in Syria!

ISIS, or ISIL, has upset all the previous balances worked out in the Middle East over hundreds of years. Historical forms of Islam feel as though they are under attack. The terrorist activities of ISIS have brought condemnation from every other nation in the neighborhood, and beyond, especially Russia and the USA. No one has been able to put a stop to these Muslim fanatics after almost two years of atrocities: rapes, beheading, cruel jokes, slavery of women, destruction of historical cities and crucifixions.

A suburb in Cairo, Egypt
After hearing of such atrocities, many Muslims are beginning to discuss perplexing elements
in the Hadiths and the Quran. Before, these were accepted as truth, but now ...  One discussion on Egyptian TV was whether the urine of a camel is medicinal, or not. An iman said, "Yes" and a medical doctor said, "No." this caused an enormous row. Another discussion: how a woman should behave in a business full of men. The Hadiths indicate that she should give her breasts to the men to drink milk, so that they would "become her sons". This act would take away the sexual temptations the men might otherwise have towards her. Many other discussions are causing Egyptians to question the veracity of their faith.

These discussions, especially in Egypt (openly discussed on TV) and in Iraq (discussed in government circles and in the market place) mean that for the first time in hundreds of years Muslims are beginning to question tenants of their faith. But ...even "doubt" earns the wrath of Allah.

As a result, not thousands, but hundreds of thousands, and some say millions, are backing away from their Muslim faith.

HINT: You will not learn about this in the Western Media, since any discussion of Islam is practically "forbidden" (read "editorial policy"). But, if you listen to people on the ground - observing the changes that have taken place in the last four years, you will learn fascinating stories of people coming to faith in Isa Mesih (Jesus Christ). Some imams are changing their loyalties. Across the region, in several countries, the desire for a new kind of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians is growing.  Never, in 1400 years (according to several witnesses from the region) has their been such a serious attack, an intellectual attack of critical thinking, on Islam, as that brought about by the arrival of ISIS


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