Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sad details of Refugees living in Turkey - those unable to travel to Europe

So often we hear of refugees crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey on their way to the Greek Island of Lesbos. They pile into a small rubber dingy, far too many people in each one considering the large waves they will encounter on the precarious way across the straight.

What of the refugees who are unable to pay the approximately $2-3,000 per person to the human smugglers? At least two million people are living in deplorable circumstances in towns and cities across Turkey. Here is a recent eye witness account:

The Turkish Coast Guard showed us pictures of adults, babies & children whom they had rescued from sinking rafts in the Aegean.  Most of the refugees going over to Greece leave from the region near Assos.

We were able to travel through the Arabic and Kurmunji (Kurdish) speaking camps.  The two language groups attack each other with knives, stealing from one another, and causing mayhem. The conditions are deplorable.  People live in structures made of trash and plastic. They cook in the open, and fetch water from a drainage ditch.  After a  rain they walk in mud up to their ankles.  Some churches are handing out grocery vouchers and supply packages for babies & children.  Those who are involved in helping the refugees will not go to the camps at night.

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