Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Anglican Church communion worldwide: Will it split this week? Or, will it stay together?

An historic meeting of the Anglican Church / Communion is taking place right now.

This is an important turning point in Protestant Christianity. Take time to learn the issues.

The future of Anglicans as a major church boy may be determined by decisions reached during the next three days. At issue is whether the North American bodies, in the USA The Episcopal Church, TEC and in Canada, the Anglican Church of Canada, ACC will be accepted by, or rejected by the other larger Anglican church bodies in other bodies around the world. At issue is how to interpret Biblical doctrines. The presenting issue, as you probably know, was "same-sex marriage".

If you are only just now becoming aware of the controversy, here is a lucid blog on the "Liberal" side, by Mark Harris, of Delaware in the USA. Read more.

On the "Conservative" side David Ould spells out the possible results of a world-wide split in Anglicanism. Read more.

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