Monday, January 26, 2015

Generous to a fault - but during a baptism?

Laos, across the river from Thailand
In Laos one can still get thrown in jail for baptizing or being baptized depending on the local officials, so baptizing can be a challenge, and often the locations are not ideal.  

One of this group was baptizing an older gentleman in a swift river current.  

This older man stumbled and the current caught his trousers, tore them off into the larger river beyond reach.  With the loose baggy pants the tribal people wear one can see how this could happen. People in Laos are poor and this gentleman had no underclothes.   

But the one doing the baptizing did.  He gave the man his own trousers and went home in his shorts.

Amazingly, the church is growing by leaps and bounds in that country, but certainly not ever with a repeat of this situation.

Pray for people who are put in jail in Laos for living out their faith.

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