Saturday, January 3, 2015

Muslims leaving Islam - The high cost of "apostasy" -

'Muslims who leave Islam' is an almost forbidden topic, except as a threat of shame and violence if a child was ever to think of leaving the faith and the community of his / her parents.

Simon Cotee is publishing a new book, The Apostates: When Muslims Leave Islam, (release date: February 2015) and this article in the National Post - read more gives an insight into three persons who, for different reasons, left Islam. He interviewed 35 persons in the UK and in Canada, and this research forms the basis for his new book.

The biggest hurdle for an "apostate" is the rage and recrimination brought on by the family members, especially the uncles, who do not want shame attached to the family name.

As usual, in terms of religion, the Western press is behind the times.

In 2014 David Garrison wrote A Wind in the House of Islam. This small volume examines 70 separate "people movements" in 29 nations where at least 100 churches have been formed by "former Muslims" in each "people movement". Garrison breaks down the House of Islam into "Nine Rooms" and shows that across the entire Muslim world there are tens of thousands of people who gladly answer the question, "Tell me your story. What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ?"

So, the Western press is in a tizzy because of a "sociological study of 35 individuals leaving Islam".

However, the same media that avoids Christianity (its rapid growth, or persecution of members) will not be commenting on the tens of thousands who, since the Jesus Movement in the 1970's, and the Iranian Revolution in the 1980's and the profound changes in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Empire have been turning to al-Mesih, the Messiah, in the largest ingathering in history.

What can you do? 1. Thank the Lord for the wind of the Holy Spirit, bringing new life to MBB's, Muslim Background Believers. 2. Pray that the Lord will give visions and dreams to many more millions of Muslims. 3. Pray for the hundreds of thousands of copies of the Jesus Film that were given out this past Christmas. (This film is now available with over 1,000 languages dubbed in as the sound track.)


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