Tuesday, March 17, 2015

After the 'adventures of youth' - what's the 'next adventure'?

Youth challenge and dare one another. "I dare you to...." and a person is considered a 'chicken' for not accepting the dare. Sometimes those adventures  are exciting: traveling to Europe; taking in Indonesia; climbing a mountain; going on a camping trip; learning to ski or a young man's first date.

Sometimes, though,  pranks turn sour: a Friday night with the boys results in a drunken driver hurting others; a romance goes off track;  a shoving match turns violent. Events often end up pitting youth against their parents.

Children in Cochabamba, Bolivia with Grace Garcia
What about 'adventure' in years after the clock ticks off 30, then 35 and then 40-years? The desire for 'living on the edge' or 'finding the limits' changes from adventures of self discovery to a new awareness of others, if we follow 'Kingdom living'.

'Kingdom living' brings about adventures that are far more interesting than those of youthful fancy.

Examples of "adult" adventures abound: Being able to build a school room for poor children in Nicaragua; adopting - and supporting - an orphan child half a world away; improving one's neighborhood; teaching new immigrants how to get around their new city; volunteering at church, at the local hospital or seniors' residence.

ALL of these and a thousand other opportunities await us as each day can - and does - bring us the adventures of what is going on in the lives of other people. The 'next adventure' is making a difference in the lives of others.

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