Sunday, March 8, 2015

Within Islam a War is going on. Why?

Within the world of Islam, which includes about 1.2 - 1.5 billion persons (no one knows exactly), a very nasty, unprecedented war has broken out over this question: "Which, or whose, is the true Islam?" Just these six questions - there are many others - tie Muslims up in intellectual knots.

What is the "real" meaning of "jihad"? When and how is "Holy War" to be instigated?

What is the "real" meaning of "takfir"? That is, "What is the process by which a non-Muslim is tried and convicted of not being a Muslim and consequently put to death?" Can any Muslim take on this responsibility? Or must this be done in a formal setting, such as a court?

Which form is Islam is 'the correct Islam'? Should a Muslim devote himself to living exactly as Muhammad did, 14 centuries ago? Or, should a present day Muslim live according to the rules and regulations that were elaborated under 'classical' Islam?

Whose voice ultimately finally decides? The leaders in Saudi Arabia, the leaders of Wahhabi Islam, which is only one form of Sunni Islam? Or, The leaders in Egypt? Or, those in Iran, who follow the Shi'a form of Islam?

How should the Koran be interpreted if it doesn't recognize the concept of a modern state? That is, how should Muslim majority states relate to each other: Turkey to Egypt, or Iran to Iraq?

And, who is the authority to pronounce on four schools of 'Sharia law', and thousands of 'hadiths'? With so many sayings about the founder of Islam, there is plenty of room for debate - and now guns and intense fighting.

Since September 9, 2001 more than 19,000 acts of terror have left countless lives of MUSLIMS in shreds: violent acts of terror in Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many other countries ends up with most Muslims being killed.

No one knows how many hundreds of thousands have been killed, much less left without homes, wounded, or unable to work to support their families.

And here is the bad news for Islam: This internal war isn't going to go away any time soon.

And worse: Modern arms are being used to forcibly return Muslims to brutal interpretations of Islam.

Read here in The Economist on this internal struggle.


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