Friday, May 1, 2015

"Armenian Church files law suit against Turkey seeking reparations" - Zaman

The province of Adana- rich lands and some bitter memories
The Armenian Church of Cilicia has filed a law suit in Turkey's Constitutional Court, seeking damages for a piece of land in Turkey.

The law suit states that the authorities in the town of Kozan, located in the province of Adana, was seized by the Ottoman Authorities in 1921.

As if the "Armenian Genocide" question was not complicated enough, ... now comes a new situation in which Payam Akhavan  prepared the lawsuit on behalf of the Armenian Catholicosate.

He says that the lawsuit is an effort by the Armenian Church to use the Turkish legal system to recover property seized 100 years ago.

Of further note, 20 states, including Germany, Austria, Russia and Bulgaria, plus the EU, officially recognize the "Armenian Genocide".  Also, Pope Francis described those events as “the first genocide of 20th century” during a Sunday Mass in the beginning of April.

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