Friday, May 15, 2015

"Seniors who exercise add five years to their lives" - BBC

We, who graduated in the '50s and '60's, owe a lot to science.
We, who graduated in the 1950's and 1960's, owe a lot to scientific studies on aging. Many of us will be living close to a 100 years.

This affects retirement and planning for the funds we will need to live longer - (hmm, finances for many more years is a whole different topic!)

Various life choices may add several years to ones' life.

Cutting out smoking (and other drugs) can add five years, or more.

Being happily married, according to McLean's magazine, (quoting significant sources) can add up to 15 years. (Hint No. 1: Seniors look out for each other). (Hint No 2: Men, especially, benefit from the nutritious meals they might otherwise not enjoy!)

Obviously, a healthy diet can extend a person's life. This SINGLE topic probably adds a trillion bits of data to the web every day!

BBC posted a useful hint for seniors, especially men. Exercising 150 minutes per week can add, on average, five years of life to men between the ages of 68-77 year olds, as compared to the same age group that lives a sedentary life. (This is not such a popular topic, unfortunately.)

(Note: simply knowing facts about a healthy life style doesn't guarantee that it gets translated into practice. Forming habits is a choice - sometimes painful, but worthwhile.)

Read more about how exercise affects how long we live.

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