Friday, May 8, 2015

Understanding Isis: Research, Failed states and slaughter of Ethiopian Christians

Here is a short collection of links on ISIS and conflicts, from Iraq to Libya:

1. Research on Isis is found here.

2. Five states have effectively ceased to function in the past five years. Iraq, Syrian, Lebanon, Yemen and Libya. How Iran is influencing this is found here.

3. The Al Qaeda group in Yemen is gaining strength. The war in Yemen is helping Al-Qaeda.

4. The tensions in Egypt's Sinai continue with violence, many Egyptian security guards dead. Tension in Egypt's Sinai - read more.

5. 30 Ethiopian Christians were killed in Libya, called "worshipers of the cross belonging to the hostile Ethiopian Church." Is the Ethiopian Church hostile, or is this just propaganda? Read more.

6. ISIS is growing in Syria, but struggling in Iraq. Isis pushes further into Syria.

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