Thursday, February 18, 2016

Christian training in Lebanon: Arab speaking students draw attention from around the world.

"In order to increase accessibility to our training, we launched a new online program in Arabic, a Certificate in Ministry. The purpose of this program is to enrol students who cannot come to Lebanon for their studies and who would not be able to acquire training otherwise. Our online students in this Arabic program today come from Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.

"Our English degree continues to draw attention from around the world. The degree is a Masters of Religion in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. This is a unique and innovative multidisciplinary program that provides a strong theoretical understanding of the Middle East and North Africa and the issues that they face, combined with an emphasis on developing applied skills needed to work in or with the region. It is a flexible distance-learning program that enables students to study while they continue their work or ministry. Students currently enrolled in this program come from the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, Egypt, and Lebanon.

"The theme for the 2016 Middle East Consultation will focus on 'The Refugee Crisis and the Body of Christ: Exploring the Nature of the Crisis and Our Understanding of the Church" Opposing reactions are taking place: some refuse to help refugees while others welcome them in the name of Christ.

"From a theological, emotional and sociological perspective, to what extent should non-Christian refugees be incorporated into the life of a Christian community, for example in educational and health programs?

"How might a biblical expression of "church" - including new believers from non-Christian backgrounds - be fostered in such a way as to flourish in a non-Christian environment?"

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