Monday, February 1, 2016

"Morocco Declaration: Muslims should do more to protect Christians" - Christianity Today

The relationship between Christians and Muslims is one of today's hottest topics. Muslims can build mosque in all countries in the West: Christians cannot build churches in Muslim lands. In fact, Christians are greatly persecuted, and even killed, in countries where Islam prevails.

The increasingly polarized attitude towards Muslims in the USA led Bob Roberts, of Texas, and other evangelical leaders to initiate a dialogue

"For years, Texas megachurch pastor Bob Roberts has been building relationships with Muslims. Last year, after Franklin Graham argued that the US government should ban Muslims from immigrating to America, the NorthWood Church leader joined Muslim leaders in denouncing the comments. In October, he and imam Muhammad Magid hosted the Spreading the Peace Convocation, which was attended by nearly 200 imams and evangelical pastors.

This week, Roberts traveled to Marrakesh, Morocco, alongside more than 250 Muslim religious leaders, heads of state, and scholars, for a groundbreaking. On Wednesday, the Muslim leaders released the Marrakesh Declaration: a 750-word document calling for religious freedom for non-Muslims in majority-Muslim countries."  Read more.  

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