Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"Canadian Liberalism" welcomes refugess. Why doesn't "Middle Eastern hospitality" welcome them?

Burak Bekdil addresses a key question millions are asking. Refugees are welcomed with open arms in the West, for example most recently in
Muslims pray in New York City. Can Christians do that in the ME?
Canada. Why don't they find the same reception in the Middle East? He writes:

"My column neighbor (and ex-sparring partner) Mustafa Akyol was perfectly right when he praised “Canadian liberalism” after a cute children’s choir in Canada welcomed Syrian refugees by singing “Tala al-Badru Alayna” (The Full Moon Rose Over Us), the tune that was sung to welcome the Prophet Muhammad upon his arrival in Medina from Mecca in 620 (“Canada: A bright hope for liberalism,” Hürriyet Daily News, Dec. 16).

"It was truly sweet of the choir. Unfortunately, the kind of peaceful co-habitation and interfaith dialogue the saner parts of the world long for requires a two-way journey. The reason for the insanity we observe today is NOT because elsewhere in Christian lands children’s choirs do not welcome Muslim refugees with holy Muslim songs. It is, rather, related to why Muslims in their homelands or in non-Muslim lands are possibly centuries away from the kindness that justifiably inspired Mr. Akyol.

"Forget, even in a world of fiction, the possibility of Muslims welcoming Christian refugees with hymns in their Muslim lands. Just look at what they do to their Christian compatriots. See, for instance, how the Muslim Brothers, when in power, treated the Coptic Christians in Egypt: Arson attacks on churches instead of peaceful hymns."

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