Friday, December 11, 2015

Miracles on the Border: Syrian Refugees encounter Jesus

For three years, since Syrian refugees started pouring over the border, Christian churches in Lebanon have been reaching out in concern and love to those devastated by war, destruction and cruelty. What is happening in the homes of those who had fled, who had no hope?

Sami*, a Lebanese Christian pastor who told a widow about Jesus, has had similar experiences of hope coming in these comes with other Muslims. He and several Christian partners have been reaching out to Muslim villages in Lebanon with the simple Gospel message. They expanded their outreach to Syrian Muslims when refugees started streaming across the border last year.
"When we started to serve among those villages and communities, I had a doubt in my heart," Sami admits. "Will it work? Are we going to experience what we hear from different parts of the Middle East and the world about Mus
lims coming to know Jesus as Savior and Lord? It was a challenge, a discovery process for me personally and for many with us in the ministry. But as we have shared the Gospel faithfully, the Lord is showing us signs of people who are opening up, asking questions and opening the door for us to reach a wider community.

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