Thursday, December 24, 2015

The most amazing apology you ever heard of. Between 145 Christian denominations.

Hagia Irene - Church of Holy Peace, 1400 years old, In Istanbul
When 145 Christian leaders representing the major denominations / divisions of Christianity ask for forgiveness from each other for past persecutions, abuse of power, genocide, financial fraud and discrimination over past wrongs . . . yes, that's BIG news. (Not for the 'world', maybe, but for Christians, yes).

"We are glad that repentance for persecuting each other is part of our message. We see the importance of healing memories wherever this has happened.”

You may not have heard about the meeting that took place in Tirana, Albania, but if you are convinced that Christians should (learn to, maybe? - yes; act it out?- yes) love one another, this is important.

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The WEA's Efraim Tendero and his wife listen to the Albanian president, alongside Thomas Schirrmacher (left) and the president of the Albanian Evangelical Alliance (right).

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