Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Give us back our Data: The great power shift behind technological changes" Evgeny Morozov

"One has to be very naïve to believe that this data is not going to shape how we live the rest of our lives, especially when insurance companies and banks are so eager to incorporate it in their decision-making," says Morozov. "Unless we change the legal status of data, we're not going to get very far."

What he details so acutely are the ways technology is changing not just our behaviour, but also our political and social relations. The rhetoric of "innovation" and "disruption"- coupled of course with the reality of this amazing technology - has got us to accept things we probably wouldn't vote for in an election. If a party said: "We want to get rid of all labour protections and scrap the minimum wage," you would expect few to vote for it. But when an app or a website results in that same outcome we seem ready to accept that we're backwards if we "stand in the way of progress".

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