Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"A Deep change is taking place in the Muslim World." Don't miss out on it.

Muslims are interested in their future. What is happening to us?
A deep change is taking place among some people in the Muslim world.

Don't miss what God is doing - but you will miss it if all you listen to is "the news". Here's what "the media" is usually afraid to talk about.

Are all Muslims closed to talking about their problems?

"A shaking is taking place in the Muslim world with tectonic rumblings. Signs are early and evidence is anecdotal, yet stories abound and are persuasive. The unsettling of entrenched Islamic faith is making its way into places and with people we assumed were closed to conversations about the Christian faith."

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What's all this talk about "Dreams and Visions"? - you may be asking. I never heard of this before!

"There is another element unique among Muslims, with stories told everywhere of people having dreams, visions or encounters with heavenly agents. Mostly ignored by the West, in the Muslim world these dreams are taken seriously. And if you want to see some biblical antecedents, flip through a concordance and thread your way through the many texts, or just read Acts 10. Today Muslims in all walks of life are told in their dreams where to go and who to look for. With specific descriptions of persons, actual locations, and times, their dreams reveal how and where they can learn the truth about Jesus. These are not oddball mission stories to evoke unrealistic expectation of the Holy Spirit at work. They are real and are happening with increased frequency."

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