Friday, June 26, 2015

"Positive Transformation between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East and Beyond" - IMES

In the land of the Cedars of Lebanon - transforming interaction
An unusual conference is held in Beirut every year. Honest dialogue and searching questions enable participants to really listen to each other.

This is the type of conference you will never hear about on the 'media'.

"Last week [15-19 June], IMES hosted its second consultation on the theme of discipleship in the MENA region. This year’s consultation, Discipleship Today: Identity and Belonging in the Middle East and North Africa, attracted representatives from 28 countries, including: Algeria, Tanzania, Iraq, Bangladesh, Singapore, the Netherlands, Syria, The U.S., Romania, Lebanon, Columbia, The U.K., The Philippines, Egypt and many more. It was an amazing opportunity to hear what God has been doing across the MENA region, and beyond, in the lives of individuals and communities."

Martin Accad facilitated fascinating interviews with a Shiite Sheikh exploring the question:
  • Are religious minorities better off under Muslim, Christian or secular rule?
At another point, Martin explored with a Sunni Judge the question:
  • Can Muslims live out the ideal of Ummah in Western societies and how does this relate to the application of Islamic law?
Given the close relationship IMES has with these leaders, consultation participants were impressed to hear the open and honest discourses If all you hear about the Middle East makes you feel hopeless, this is a good "supplement pill" to start off the day.

Read and enjoy!

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