Monday, June 8, 2015

Developing a Simple Life-Style - No. 2 - Stewardship

A Bolivian Sunday School with many children
STEWARDSHIP. When God made man, male and female, in his own image, he gave him dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26 – 28). He made them stewards of its resources, and they became responsible to him as Creator, to the earth which they were to develop, and to their fellow human beings with whom they were to share its riches.
So fundamental are these truths that authentic human fulfilment depends on a right relationship to God, neighbor and the earth with all its resources. People’s humanity is diminished if they have no just share those resources. By unfaithful stewardship, in which we fail to conserve the earth’s finite resources, we develop them fully or to distribute them justly, we both disobey God and alienate people from his purpose for them.
We are determined, therefore, to honor God as the owner of all things, to remember that we are stewards and not proprietors of any land or property that we may have, to use them in the service of others, and to seek justice with the poor who are exploited and powerless to defend themselves. We look forward to the restoration of all things at Christ’s return (Acts 3:21). At that time our full humaneness will be restored so we must promote human dignity today.

(This is part 2 of a series of 10 blog posts. Developing a Simple Life-Style was a conference with 85 evangelical leaders from 27 countries at High Leigh Conference Center, London, England March 17-21, 1980)

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