Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trouble Ahead. "Middle Class Retailers are dying a slow death" - CBC

During the last several months, since what came to be known as "Black Friday", merchants in Canada are feeling the pinch. "Black Friday" was supposed to be that day when a business finally "got into the black", was able to count on making a profit during the year.

However, the endless sales between November, all through December and into January makes one wonder. "How do endless 'sales' create a profit for all these merchants?"

Answer - It probably doesn't. Well, for many of he smaller chains, anyway. With scores of stores shutting down during this past half year, the overall picture is not good, for small towns, like the one shown above, or for the large malls where competition is always fierce and customers are ever so picky.

Warning: Read more but this is a slightly disturbing article on future trends.

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