Monday, June 15, 2015

Developing a Simple Life-Style - No 9 - The Lord's Return

The Bridegroom is coming back for his bride
THE LORD’S RETURN. The Old Testament prophets both denounced the idolatries and injustices of God’s people and warned of his coming judgment. Similar denunciations and warnings are found in the New Testament.

The Lord Jesus is coming back soon to judge, to save and to reign his judgment will fall upon the greedy who are idolaters and upon all oppressors. For on that day, the King will sit upon his throne and separate the saved from the lost.

Those who have ministered to him by ministering to one of the least of his needy brothers and sisters will be saved, for the reality of saving faith is exhibited in serving love. But those who are persistently indifferent to the plight of the needy, and so to Christ in them, will be irretrievably lost (Matthew 25:31-46).

All of us need to hear again the solemn warning of Jesus, and resolve a fresh to serve him in the deprived. We therefore call on our fellow Christians everywhere to do the same.

(This is part 9 of a series of 10 blog posts. Developing a Simple Life-Style was a conference with 85 evangelical leaders from 27 countries at High Leigh Conference Center, London, England March 17-21, 1980)

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