Friday, June 12, 2015

Developing a Simple Life-Style - No. 6 - International Development

Development in a village in Sierra Leon, Africa
INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. We echo the words of the Lausanne Covenant, “We are shocked by the poverty of millions, and disturbed by the injustices which cause it”. One quarter of the world’s population enjoys unparalleled prosperity, while another quarter endures grinding poverty. This gross disparity is an intolerable injustice – we refuse to acquiesce in it.

The call for a more just order expresses the justified frustration of the Third World. We have come to understand more clearly the connection between resources, income and consumption. People often starve because they cannot afford to buy food, because they have no income, because they have no opportunity to produce, and because they have no access to power.

We therefore applaud the growing emphasis of Christian agencies on development rather than aid. For the transfer of personal and appropriate technology can enable people to make good use of their own resources, while at the same time respecting their dignity. We resolve to contribute more generously to human development projects. Where people’s lives are at stake there should never be a shortage of funds, but the action of the governments is essential.

Those of us who live in the affluent nations are ashamed that our governments have mostly failed to meet their targets for official development assistance, to maintain emergency food stocks or to liberalize their trade policies. We have come to believe that in many cases multinational corporations reduced local initiative in the countries where they work, and tend to oppose any fundamental change in government. We are convinced that they should become more subject to controls and more accountable.

(This is part 6 of a series of 10 blog posts. Developing a Simple Life-Style was a conference with 85 evangelical leaders from 27 countries at High Leigh Conference Center, London, England March 17-21, 1980)

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